About me and this site…

Jordi Morgan

Welcome to my commentary site, JordiMorgan.com

I want this blog to be a more personal conversation than what you may read or hear in the media as official positions from the CFIB. Perhaps a little more opinionated, but on many issues, my thinking is pretty closely aligned with that of CFIB members.

That’s not to say there is unanimity among all members of the organization on all things, however, CFIB has consistently advocated for a better tax structure, accountability of the public sector, policy which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and sound research…and I’m down with all of that.

This site will focus primarily on issues relevant to our cities, our provinces and our region as a whole…but I’ll vent on national issues from time to time. I hope you’ll join the conversation.

Please feel free to weigh in on anything you read through the comment feature. If you agree, great, if you don’t…have at it. I am a strong proponent of the open debate of ideas. I would appreciate it though if you don’t ascribe my motivation to some weird conspiracy or another. They are just my thoughts.



13 Replies to “About me and this site…”

  1. It doesn’t matter what you talk about. There was rarely an interview on your radio show that I didn’t want to listen too. I may not always agree with you, but I found that you almost always gave an unbiased interview. Hope you hear podcasts from you in the future.

  2. Nice to find you.
    I think your blog is a grand idea. A fair presentation if facts to raise awareness re current matters never hurts and you do it well.
    Please add me to your lust followers. Pat Walsh

  3. Hi Jordi,

    Loved your radio show….now hope your podcasts take off. I passed on the link to family/friends and encouraged them to do the same.

    At least I can enjoy your blog now that I found it; how often do you post?


  4. I do miss you on the talk radio show, your show was the best. I just heard today that you have landed a new job and will be on the talk show with Rick Howe. I will definetely be listening. Good luck to you with your new job and now that I have found your blog I will continue to come back to it.

  5. Can you keep blogging. I enjoy someone like you and similiar(Parker Donham) who show reason and impartiality on social issues. You do a lot better than the Halifax Herald who just wants to generate negativity and website hits.

  6. Good morning and Happy Canada Day. Although I am currently on assignment in Alberta, I am a native Nova Scotian and I recently read your article discussing the need for greater co-operation between the 4 Atlantic Canada Provinces. You correctly point out the demographic challenge and the new trade war created recently.
    The issue it seems to me that needs to be put on the table – and I have argued this point for many years – is that (awkward) discussion point entitled Maritime Union. One of the greatest threats to Atlantic Canada growth and prosperity is the failure of the Political Leadership to have the courage and selflessness to begin these discussions. We are simply too small on our own and surely by any standard we are over governed for the collective size of Atlantic Canada.

    I call on the Atlantic Canada Premiers to abandon your selfish agendas and step up and be really committed to the future of Atlantic Canada.

    United we stand – divided we fall.


    Bill Fisher

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