Fall Back Up with Wadih Fares

Talking with Wadih Fares in his office in west end Halifax

Wadih Fares is President of W.M. Fares Group.

Wadih came to Halifax as a young man when war was raging in his home of Lebanon in the 1970s. Welcomed by the existing Lebanese community in Nova Scotia, he graduated as an engineer from Dalhousie and TUNS and set out to raise his family.

He has built up a substantial residential and commercial property management and development firm with projects throughout Canada. His Halifax centrepiece is the Trillium one of Halifax’s most luxurious condominium buildings located across from Victoria Park in downtown Halifax.  

The Trillium

His company is about removing complexity. Seeing an opportunity in the 1980’s he brought together all the disciplines involved in development projects so clients don’t have to deal with the multiple contractors.

As a Lebanese immigrant, he believes strongly in community, province and country.

He is giving back to his community through a wide range of professional and volunteer roles, including Honorary Consul of Lebanon; Chair of the Pier 21 Society; on the board of the Stanfield International Airport Authority; the Waterfront Development Corporation, the Dalhousie University Board of Governors; and he is the founder and honorary member of the Canadian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce.

Because of his background, he is passionate about immigration. I’ve had the pleasure of providing input to him on the Nova Scotia Minister’s Advisory Panel on Immigration.

Wadih Fares and family

He has also been recognized for his many achievements. Among them Atlantic Business Magazine’s top 50 CEO Award and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was inducted into the Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame in 2008. He was recognized with the Golden Jubilee Medal, by the Queen herself, the Order of St. Gregory was presented to him by Pope Benedict XVI and he was inducted into the Order of Canada in 2012.

I sat down with him in his office in west end Halifax during the final week of Lebanese Heritage Month. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Wadih Fares

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2 Replies to “Fall Back Up with Wadih Fares”

  1. I was astonished to see his name today as I read about him in the paper a couple of days (?) ago and yesterday was talking to a couple of Netherland immigrants who have been steadily moving up the ladder administratively who agreed with my comment about Lebanese and the flow of them into Canada as they have proven to be wonderful citizens, as you pointed out Mr. Feres as a shining example.

    I am hoping that before too many years that there will be a kind of United Immigrant Society of all our successful, ethical immigrants who will tutor the latest and be watchful over those who would not enhance our good Canadian “values” if they ever define them! I have company coming today and likely tomorrow, but hopefully you will follow up your Fall Back Up with a visit. I’m hoping to get a few more Christmas decorations around but some things are too heavy for me now to shuffle in and out.

    Have read some wonderful books lately. A good one to recommend if you want to is called “Butterflies Dance in the Dark” – written by a Cape Bretoner who I find inspiring Beatrice MacNeil. Also read J.K. Rowlings novel for adults (her first) called The Casual Vacancy. Fantastic, both of them. I am hoping to see the rest of The Crown someday on Netflix, but it doesn’t look as appealing as the first part. I am bored with Netflix and rarely find anything that makes me click on it. Enjoyed the flurry about Bush senior. Too bad they didn’t see him as such a great president until he died. That is the way of it. It was a long obituary. (Like Anthony Bourdain’s series, poor soul)

    I will likely read your podcast (listen) during the night while I pass the hour doing a jigsaw while I listen. It helps me focus on the voices. Hope to see you soon and get caught up. Now that you have such a big family, I will stand in line way down here “lonely as a Sunday morning dog.” Love, Mom

  2. Nice! Thank you for this Jordi. I hope you are doing well! Elizabeth

    *Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin MBA, BScN* *Cumberland North MLA *

    *Live everyday to the fullest and love as much as humanly possible. *

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