Halifax fiddles, small business burns

I bleed dartmouth

The Darkside

Here is an another example of how a regulation does not fit any meaningful or useful policy objective.

I would suggest the city official, council, the mayor and any other interested person sit down and have a good look at the Premiers’ Charter of Governing Principles for Regulation.

This Darkside case exemplifies the worst kind on ridiculous, invasive regulatory interference and red tape facing small business in Halifax.
Someone enlighten me, exactly what problem are city officials trying to solve? Is their some rampant proliferation of too many pastries and not enough gallery space?

Has there been one…single…complaint?

Will taking these people to court or enforcing administrative penalties adding up to $47,000 accomplish anything beyond putting them out of business?
Are they trying to ensure these maleficent scoff laws are made an example of? Does too much counter-space to serve coffee and samosa really deserve the death penalty?

While I agree, businesses should strive to be compliant with existing regulations, (God knows there are enough of them to comply with) but regulation must also serve the public…not just justify the existence of those enforcing them.

This is just another example why Halifax received CFIB’s paperweight award for it’s subjectively interpreted patio rules and the interdepartmental approval process.

Council says it’s going to tackle red tape…not a really good start folks. Halifax fiddles…small business burns

One Reply to “Halifax fiddles, small business burns”

  1. Jordi I love what you are saying here but there us a double standard in your message.

    You refer to a non existent “City Offical”.

    There are no cities in the HRM.

    Am I just missing something? When you do name the bailiwick you refer to it as Halifax.

    That in itself is has been some very costly red tape and for what? We threw away valuable diversity by playing into that “streamlined”. We streamlined nothing, I believe without a study we can say we lost money trying to fit all the different shapes and sizes into one hole/

    We would love it of the Taxpayer Federation could see how the international marketing mandate intended as proved to be a divisive issue and counter productive and on our dime. .

    I sincerely do appreciate some of your sobering thoughts on issues. ,

    And thanks for being open to comment.

    Warren Wesson

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